Saturday, September 25, 2010

A few more pics......

Hello everyone out there.   Wanted to post a few more special pics as the days keep going and Quinn is growing and evolving by the minute.

We are so proud, (did I say that in every blog?)  :)    He is going to be one spoiled kid but in a good way with love not benjamins!

We have made most of this week all about seeing how long we can stay in the house in our little bubble.

So far we have made it out of the house two times,  once for a pediatrician appt, and second for a short walk in which turned out to be a bit much for Brooke after being in recovery mode.

I will need to get a little work done next week, so leaving these faces for the first time will be devastating.........


Wow how good is this shot!

Dad just beaming with pride!

Dad doing what he does best at 6 am......

Kicky legs with mama!   he needs some meat on those tooth pic legs

Looks like some big feet to me

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