Saturday, September 18, 2010

An afternoon of waiting

Hey Y'all,

So not a ton to report since the last blog from Brooke this morning,  but I thought I give you a little information from a different perspective,  as expecting mothers don't always hear so well  :)

As Brooke mentioned we are SO excited to meet this little guy, but our thoughts are really with his safety at this point because we never expected the tests yesterday to show anything but positive news.  It's a little scary not to know exactly whats going on in there and the tests are pretty vague, but we are thinking positively and have every reason to believe that it's just simply time to come out and not push our luck.

We met with our midwife this morning at the birthing center around 9 am.  She wanted to talk to us and explain in person about the tests and the next step.   Had the tests been normal, we would have been able to wait this thing out longer naturally, but we don't want to take any chances with him and "its time to get things moving" as she said for his safety short and long term.

What this means is the beautiful consumption of Mr. Castor Oil.   Brooke just took shot 3 of 3  of the recommended 2 oz shots of the dreaded Castor Oil.  Each shot is two hours apart for a 6 oz total over 6 hours.  As this marinates in her belly, all hell should break loose and get this baby out before the Giants/Colts game on Sunday.

Apparently its awful, and for those of you that know me, I like to try anything, so yes I did try it (big surprise) and its NOT good.  Great for belly rubs, not to drink.  This treatment should, 80-90% of the time get "things"
moving outbound (including baby) rather quickly.  Enough on that. 

We appreciate all the love and support we have received and Quinn can't wait to meet you!

I will continue to update as things move forward.

With love,   Dave, Brooke, and Q

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  1. I keep checking back and forth between the blog and Facebook for an update. It's cyberpacing! I'm sure you are focused on bigger and better issues but I'm glad for the 2 updates today.Please give Brooke a big hug from me. I am wishing the very best for you 3.