Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quinn comes home......

First before sharing some of the most recent stories and information about Quinn, Brooke and I would like to thank everyone for all their calls, emails, and text with support!!   We have been in our own little bubble since Quinn was born, so we are sorry to not get back to you, but please know we will.  Please continue to check the blog while we learn to be parents!    :)

Hello from Quinn!!!     We brought our baby boy home from the birth center yesterday.  The car ride home was as never racking as it could possibly be.  I usually drive around town not even thinking about what I am doing, but things just change once this little perfect human comes into your life and is dependent on us!!

We are lucky to have a situation where Brooke and I can spend a lot of time with Quinn before going back to work.  It will kill me to leave every morning when I have too, but I unless Wednesday's Powerball hits, I have to.  

Its just mesmerizing to watch Quinn, I think I burned two hours straight yesterday just laying on the bed watching him.  Brooke is a fantastic mother already with great instincts, and with some great advice from midwives she has nailed breastfeeding.

I am feeling pretty confident with Quinn ,  changing, burping, and holding come pretty easy to me in my mind at least.  Others who see might not agree but I will continue to believe I am Mr. Mom.

Quinn is so aware of his surroundings already,  he has a tight grip and strong legs, and I would have to think I will be chasing him around everywhere in a year or less.  His eyes are wide open at times and actually appears to be tracking some movement at 3 days old!!   probably not realistic at this point, as I don't think he can see at all yet,  but I am happy he is so far along.

Attaching a few pictures for enjoyment,  more to come in the future.

Dave, Brooke, Frank, and fresh off the press, Quinn!

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  1. The blog is great! But it was hard to wait patiently for this update =)
    We are so happy for you guys. Life will just get more amazing from here on. What does Frank think so far?