Sunday, August 22, 2010

The days ahead

Hello all,

Just a quick note from the father to be.   Sitting here thinking as I watch a boring pre season NFL game how drastically life will change in the next few weeks or possibly days? 

Its a wonderful time for sure, but uncertain as well with a first child and so many questions to answer for the first time.   I know if anyone can do it, Brooke and I can, so its really not a worry in my mind but more a rush of nerves flowing through till the big day!!

We just can't wait to meet this little athlete/chef!!   The baby room is all set, the car seats are secured and we are packed in full..........

Keep checking back, as the moment I know we are in the "GO" zone, I will be wearing this blog out!!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

You heard it here first!!

Hello Friends and Family!! Thanks for following our blog! This is new for us, but we were so inspired by our friends Jamie and Ryan when they did one, we had to do the same! We will keep you updated with the birth.. before and after! Check back for pics and updates whenever you want, and we'll try to be good about posting them regularly! We THINK that if you become a fan/follower of the blog, you will be notified of any updates when we post them!
Not much happening these days. I'm 38 weeks along as of Wednesday! At our last appointment, our midwife said that our little Quinn is not so little! Her best guess is that he is about 6 1/2 lbs and if I carry him to full term, he'll be about 8-9lbs! Whoa! He has dropped and is engaged in the birthing position, so things look great, and it could be anytime now!
For those of you who don't know... Dave and I have chosen to bring Quinn into this world via a waterbirth. We will be at a birthing center downtown Portland, where we will have a beautiful room, and a ginormous watertub to have the baby in. We have had an uphill battle in this, just trying to keep people from freaking out. However, we are over it, freak out if you must, but we are so excited to bring him into this world in such a loving place. I will not have any pain medication, so keep your fingers crossed for me!!
The house is ready, we are ready (as we'll ever be) the car seat is in, and the only thing left is to pack our bags! Now, it's a waiting game! We can't wait to meet this little guy who has captured our hearts already!
Thanks for all your questions and concerns, and I promise, we will blog it up and send some pics as soon as we have more news!!
We love you all!

Dave and Brooke.